Sunday, May 1, 2011

FULL DETAILS OF BEDROOMLAB (Special Edition): Workers of the World, RELAX!!!


Ginny Mata
Writer, poet, and teacher at the University of the Philippines, Diliman who has written for local newspapers, magazines, and books about food and art. She prepared the dessert (Choco ChipHitler en Café Del Castro y Leche Guevarra) for tonight.

Electrolychee is Marcushiro & Bru.

They are a local design & illustration studio in the Philippines.
Their works play within the realms of slick, computer-generated vector art and organic, hand-drawn imagery. Apart from designing, they're also full time artists having exhibited in various galleries in Manila, and have participated in design painting conferences locally and internationally.

Lena Cobangbang
(b. Philippines, 1976) graduated from the University of the Philippines with a degree in Fine Arts. Her work is broad-ranging, moving across video, installation, and found objects to embroidery, cookery, performance and photography, obsessive-compulsive, and at turns celebratory and macabre. Apart from making art, she writes and works as a production designer. A founder of the artist collective Surrounded By Water, her art practice extends to doing art administration and exhibit organizing, having been a fellow at the 2008 HAO Summit for emerging artists, curator and art managers in Asia in Singapore in 2008, and recently completing an artist/curator research residency exchange between Green Papaya Art Projects and Pekarna Magdalenske Mreze in Maribor, Slovenia in 2010.

In 2005, she was nominated for the 3rd Ateneo Art Awards. She received the Cultural Center of the Philippines Thirteen Artists Award in 2006 and was one of the participating artists in the 2008 Singapore Biennale.


With performances by

Similar Objects
plus a few surprise guests: Stefan Lowenstein, etc..


"Damasopas" (A take-off from the Zarzuela, a staple in classic Spanish cuisine, which combines seafood, nuts, herbs, and spicy tomato soup)

"Chairman TengMao ze Dong's Balls (or Dong's Balls for short)". (A deconstructed arroz caldo (rice porridge with chicken), these are deep-fried chicken-flavored arroz caldo balls with ground chicken filling, in garlic sauce.)
This will be accompanied by Marcosayote Salad (sweet & sour sayote salad with grilled corn and fresh corn, drizzled in vinaigrette.)

" Leekuanoodles." (A classic Chinese noodle dish, it's stir-fried noodles poured with thick liver and oyster sauce, topped with crunchy chicken intestines)

TOTAL PRICE OF 3-Course Meal: 200PHP

"Choco ChipHitler en Café Del Castro y Leche Guevarra"
(Espresso chocolate chip chili brownies served with vanilla ice cream and chocolate coated siling labuyo [red chili] ) 

ALL Prepared by our very special chefs: Chef Kreame Dans Isaac with Chesca Casauay and Ginny Mata.

Please BRING YOUR OWN BOTTLE. Some cocktails will be served. But we won't serve any booze.
RSVP: +639206045559

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